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ART_text_ch5-6    Evaluation of sperm 
ART_text_ch7       Sperm chromatin assessment
ART_text_ch8       Oocyte treatment- from retrieval to insemination
ART_text_ch35     Evidence based medicine- issues in evaluating efficacy of treatment in ART
ART_text_ch40     Drugs used for COH- Clomid, aromatase inhibitors, gonadotropins, GnRH analogs
ART_text_ch41     The role of FSH and LH in ovulation induction- current concepts and the contribution of
                            recombinant gonadotropins
ART_text_ch42     Developing new therapeutics for ART- recombinant DNA technology and beyond
ART_text_ch43     Endocrine characteristics of ART cycles
ART_text_ch44     The use of GnRH agonists
ART_text_ch45     GnRH antagonists
ART_text_ch46     Monitoring IVF Cycles
ART_text_ch47     Follicle Aspiration
ART_text_ch48     The luteal phase: luteal support protocols
ART_text_ch50     Repeated implantaion failure- the preferred therapeutic approach
ART_text_ch51     Ultrasound in ART
ART_text_ch55     Embryo Transfer
ART_text_ch56     Anesthesia and IVF
ART_text_ch58     Polycystic ovaries and ART
ART_text_ch59     Prognostic tests of ovarian reserve
ART_text_ch68     Follicle culture
Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques
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