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Cooper Wyatt McCoy
Cooper Wyatt McCoy     9/23/09, 3:38pm      7lb 7oz
          Cooper made his slightly unexpected appearance on Wednesday, 9/23!   It's becoming quite a story that I'll have to pass on in the future.  Our due date was 9/24, and as we approached it, everything had been going great in the pregnancy for Celeste.  As we neared the due date, his fluid was slightly drifting down, and his growth looked a little small, but not so that we (or just I) was worried about it.  We went in for some prolonged monitoring on Wednesday, and decided that if it were ok, that we'd come back and go ahead with an induction of labor on Thursday the 24th. 
          So due to the triage area being full, they just placed us in a labor and delivery room for monitoring so that we could have some privacy.  She had just been checked in the office and was only 1cm dilated, and was just starting to have a few contractions, as I would expect after an exam.   After about an hour, the contractions started getting stronger, but not terribly so.   After about 30 more minutes of painful contractions, I went out to find the attending doctor so that she could examine her, but they were in the middle of another delivery.  When I came back to the room, she told me she was feeling a lot of pressure, so I had to hurry and help her change into a gown and called for her nurse to come in.  I had to examine her, and found that the head was about to come out.  I had no choice but to put on a pair of gloves and deliver him as the nursing staff came in.  In just two pushes, little Cooper was here!  Dr Franklin relieved me of my duties after he was delivered, and told me to "go play dad now."  
          Celeste was such a trooper, and made it look like no work at all.  She did so wonderfully, and I am so proud of her!  Of all the deliveries I've ever done, this was one of the fastest labors, going from 1cm and no contractions to delivered in just about 3 hours!!

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